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"I think your app will be widely useful, better and more convenient than the typical tuner. It also will be a good companion tool for users of my ‘Breakfast’ Intonation practice booklet."

David Schwartz

Trombonist and Author of

“Breakfast Intonation”


"This new app looks wonderful to me! A great teaching tool not only for trombonists but also for music theory and many more applications for musicians. Great idea!!”

Tom Senff

Trombone Professor

Stan Kenton Orchestra


"WOW! I like this a great deal. I teach AP Music Theory. I think this would be tremendously helpful with drilling intervals.”

Rob Opitz

Reinhardt University

Director of Athletic Bands

Musicians (Pro and Amateur)

Achieve greater perfection of your tuning ability

Student Musicians

Come to grips with the challenge of ‘Just Intonation’.

Ensemble Directors

Finally, an easy way to help ensembles ‘HEAR’ what it is that ‘In Tune’ means.

Music Theory, General Music

Demonstrate scales, intervals, patterns and intonation.

Who is it for?

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